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Airbrush T-Shirts and Hats for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Everyone has been to a bar or bat mitzvah before and seen the same tired and boring party ideas. It’s time that you made your child’s bar or bat mitzvah the talk of the town with a mobile airbrushing station from Graffiti Pop Airbrush!

Graffiti Pop Airbrush is set to revolutionize entertainment and party favors for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs! We can setup at your bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, and our talented and professional artists will keep your guests smiling and happy. Graffiti Pop Airbrush is located in South Florida and is available for bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and the surrounding South Florida areas.

Graffiti Names
Stencil Airbrushing
Script Names

Graffiti Art and Pop Art Style Text

Gangnam Style Stenciled T-Shirts

Airbrush Tank Top

Our airbrushed t-shirts, and airbrushed hats have proven time and time again to be the biggest hit at any event. Not only does our mobile airbrushing booth look fantastic, but your guests will also have the opportunity to take home their own, personalized swag! Our mobile airbrush booth will include either one or two artists, depending on the size of the event, and be available throughout the event to give your guests personalized airbrushed hats and t-shirts.

You can choose from a variety of different airbrushing choices. Our skilled artists can paint your name or nickname, tags, phrases, slogans and even simple pictures. Your guests will visit the mobile airbrush station and then select the design they like on either a t-shirt, hat, hoodie, apparel and even sporting equipment. Ultimately what you choose to have airbrushed at your bar or bat mitzvah is up to you! Our talented artists provide onsite visual entertainment, while also creating a chic and unique keepsake for you and your event guests.


Nothing is cooler than personalized swag from Graffiti Pop Airbrush! It’s time to make your next Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah a massive success!

We have a variety of different ways that you can choose your hats or t-shirts to be airbrushed, making it simple, easy and affordable. If you like, you can provide the clothing or hats to be airbrushed, or we can bring the apparel with us. We source high-quality apparel perfect for airbrushing and include it in your airbrushing package at wholesale prices. If you would like something else, we also airbrush Tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, beanies, trucker hats, towels, pillows, basketballs and much more.

How the Graffiti Pop Airbrush Station works:

  1. Let us know what size your event is beforehand, and let us know what types of designs you expect guests will choose.

  2. Your airbrush artist or artists and an assistant will arrive on site an hour beforehand to get everything set up, ready for the event.

  3. As guests arrive, they will be greeted by the friendly airbrush station attendant. Your guest can then choose their style, design, and colors.

  4. The airbrush artists personalize the t-shirts, hats or other apparel, live. This is a fantastic way to entertain guests, while also providing them with some memorable gifts or swag!

  5. Completed favors and swag dries in minutes and can then be either worn at your event or displayed for convenient pickup at the end of your event.

Call or email us with any questions. Book your Graffiti Pop Airbrush artist today! 305-918-2975

About The Airbrush Party Experience
What can we airbrush?
Our professional graffiti artist and pop artist can paint one-of-kind designs on a variety of items that include apparel, fashion accessories and novelty items.We are always open to new ideas and will introduce you to some creative party favor ideas of our own.
The newest popular demand in airbrush customized favors are t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts, though we often customize canvas bags, pillows, basketballs, footballs, shoes and mini lockers. for a complete list of swag we’ve airbrushed, go to our website at www.graffiti-pop.con

How does it work?
Our talented artist arrive with mobile airbrush stations to provide onsite visual entertainment while creating a chic and unique keepsake for you and your event guests.
Graffiti-Pop artists personalize items with guests names, words and images that are unique to each individual's personality while enhancing or promoting the theme of your party.

The mobile airbrush station set-up.
Passionate visual entertainment artists take pride in their creativity, professionalism and image. Graffiti-Pop’s mobile airbrush artist that specializes in parties and corporate events are visual entertainment artist and that is reflected through our hip, yet clean display that serves as our workspace. All you need to provide is 2 6ft tables.

Emphasis on a clean workspace!
Our mobile airbrush stations include tablecloths, drop cloths and organic cleaners, just in case. We cater to and have worked at many venues from outdoor residences and parks to upscale hotels and public venues. The one request amongst all of them, is to not make a mess and rest assured we get the message. Our setup is appealing , our airbrush artist are accurate then leave without a trace.

Ready for an airbrush party.
We want to hear everything about your event so give us a call to talk or email us with your ideas. To reserve artists a deposit of 25% deposit is required. Once we receive a signed contract, you can then log in to our online planner to make payments and fill out your airbrush party planner.